Gembaek's Mixed Music  To Summeramba  JW

Hips 3:3   Elbows 0

Dk Ch Summeramba

Last Orders

Hips 3:4  Elbows 0

Sh Ch Erinderry Just The Ticket from Bluewaters

Hips 3:4  Elbows 0

ShCh/IrShCh Gunhills Blueriver

FCI INT Ir Sh Ch Erinderry Firebird

Summeramba Sherbett

Lemon JW

Hips 3:4  Elbows 0

ShChShardanell Castaspell

Summeramba Serenade

Dk CH Gembaek’s

French Kiss

Hips B Elbows 0

FCI INT FR & Lux Ch Taram Du Bois De La Rayere

Hips A  Elbows 0

FCI INTGermLuxCh Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

FCI INT Ch Alibren Mon Cheri Avec Stanroph

Marjazza’s Agnetha

Hips B  Elbows 0

Dk ChSummeramba Chopin

Gembaek's Simply Loving Music

Mitchnel I Feel Pretty at Jugema

Hips 4:5  Elbows 1

Summeramba Hear No Evil JW

Hips 4:5 Elbows 0

Sh Ch Ritzilyn Brandon

ShCh Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood

ShCh Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny

Summeramba Double Bubble

Sh Ch Elswood The Highlander

Summeramba Fettucini

Summeramba Dolly Mixture Among Mitchnel

Hips 3:4

Sh Ch Shardanell Castaspell

Ipcress Sir Thomas

Lovehayne Scarlet Sage for Shardanell

Summeramba Serenade

Summeramba Cowboy Serenade

ShCh Twilly Iphiginia Of Summeramba

Mitchnel  Pepper Potts


DOB 27/08/14

Hips 3/2

Elbows 0

Pra 1 &2 Clear

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